How a former Trump campaign manager and Trump loyalist was fired by the President’s political team

Breitbart News on Sunday reported that a former campaign manager for President Donald Trump was fired on Thursday, one day after a New York Times report revealed that she was fired from her job as a White House volunteer.

The New York Daily News reported that MaryAnn Glendon resigned from her position as campaign manager to take on a new role as a senior adviser to the President.

The newspaper said that the White House is reviewing her termination for violation of campaign finance laws.

Glendon was a longtime aide to the former President and worked with Trump on campaign issues in the 2016 campaign.

She served as his chief of staff and chief of strategic communications, and was his deputy campaign manager during the 2016 election.

The Times story on Thursday revealed that Glendon had been fired from Trump’s campaign staff.

According to the Times, the White and White House staffs were informed by Glendon’s former boss, Anthony Scaramucci, that she would be leaving the White Houses campaign.

The story said that Scaramuci was furious at Glendon for her role in his unsuccessful bid to become the White Senate.

Scaramuccucci had been a frequent visitor to the White house and a frequent guest at the WhiteHouse.

The White House said in a statement that Scarampucci was terminated in accordance with policy.

The Daily News story said Glendon took a leave of absence from the Whitehouse on March 22.

The paper said that Glenton was fired for violating campaign finance law, according to the New York Attorney General’s Office.

The Trump campaign did not respond to requests for comment.

The Washington Post reported that Glennon’s attorney, James Baker, confirmed that she had been terminated.

Baker told the Post that Glennaon’s resignation was effective as of March 29.

He said that his client was terminated on March 28 and had not been served with a severance package, a termination letter or other formal document.

“This was a surprise to all of us and we were not prepared for this,” Baker told CNN.

The president has not publicly addressed Glendon, who had previously worked for former President Barack Obama.

In 2016, Glendon worked on Obama’s transition team and on Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Glennons departure came days after Scaramucucci was removed from his job as the White President’s chief of strategy.

Scarambucci was forced to resign after being forced out of his job by the White, and his former boss Anthony Scaramy, on Thursday.

Glendale’s attorney said that she did not resign on her own, but was terminated by the campaign on her behalf.