Donut Burger has been in Melbourne for 20 years, but won’t be opening until 2017

Donut burger chain will open its first Melbourne location in Melbourne’s CBD in the summer.

Key points:Donut Burger’s Melbourne headquarters will be located in the historic Donut Arcade at the former Donut Hotel, which will host restaurants and bars and offer customers a unique take on the donut themeThe company has been based in Melbourne since 1984 and will operate its new Melbourne location from its current site in GeelongThe Donut has long been Melbourne’s signature foodstuff, but the company is aiming to change that with a new Melbourne store.

Donut has been operating in Melbourne as a franchisee since 1984, when it first opened in Geyserville, Victoria.

It has been the subject of numerous franchise applications since the company’s establishment in Geessland in 1996, but only one of those has ever been approved.

In 2012, it was awarded a franchise agreement with a brand new Donut Cafe in Melbourne, which the company has since renamed to Donut.

It is understood Donut is also in discussions with a number of restaurants to open up in Melbourne in the coming years, with plans to bring Donut burgers to restaurants across Melbourne and even the outer suburbs.

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