How McDonald’s turned burger spatulas into a $7 billion franchise business

Burger spatulas have long been an integral part of the McDonald’s menu, but in 2014 the fast-food giant became the first to produce its own.

A burger spatuler is a device made of metal and plastic that’s typically used to scoop up hamburgers.

Each burger can then be used for a variety of dishes, including french fries, french fries and hamburgets.

The spatulas are designed to keep the food clean, according to the Burger King website.

Burger King, which sells burgers, fries and french fries to more than a billion people around the world, has also been the most successful burger maker in history.

It’s worth noting that Burger King did not have the ability to produce the spatulas itself.

It started by creating a burger spatulae factory in China.

Burger Spuds in China, the McDonalds Burger Spud Factory and McDonalds Burgers and Fries Factory.

But the company was eventually forced to build the factories in the United States, where it was able to sell more burgers, according the Wall Street Journal.

The factory in Virginia was the site of the first Burger King franchise, which opened in 2003.

Burger spatulas have been popular with kids and young adults.

A 2013 survey by The Economist found that more than half of adults had a spatula at home, with a majority of these adults also saying they were very happy with the spatulums.