Which burger king burgers are best?

Burger King has answered the question, with the latest offering, the new Burger King Special Burger, hitting store shelves on Wednesday.

It comes with a choice of three burgers: the Signature Special, the Premium Special and the Deluxe Special.

There are a few different options, such as the Signature, which comes with two burgers and a side salad; the Premium, which has three burgers and fries; and the Premium Deluxe, which features three burgers plus fries.

There’s also a Burger King-branded burger called the Premium Signature, with a side dish of smoked beef and a grilled onion, as well as a cheese sauce.

It’s the same burger, however, with all of the extras, such a cheese and grilled onion side dish and a sauce.

Burger King has been on a massive marketing blitz recently with a burger campaign called ‘I’m a Burger’, where they highlight the many different burgers they offer.