Which burger chains are the best in the country?

Burgers are among the nation’s most popular food choices, and we have plenty of them in our homes.

Burger King, Burger King Classic, Burger Kings and other chains are big business, and they’re the largest burger companies in the United States.

Burger Kings, the nations largest burger company, owns and operates five U.S. burger restaurants and owns the other four Burger King outlets in the U.K. and Ireland.

Burger king also owns the flagship Burger King franchise in New York City.

We’ll go over the top 20 burgers, burgers, and hamburgers.

Which burger chain are the biggest?

Burger King Burger King burger.

(Photo: McDonald’s USA)The National Burger Association, a non-profit organization, ranks the best burgers in the world.

BurgerKing, for example, tops the list of top burgers in all categories, including price, taste, quality and taste-of-life, among other factors.

There are some good burgers, too.

McDonald’s Best Value burger is the best value burger in the business, according to the organization.

Burger and Jimmy John’s best value burgers are also among the top in the restaurant industry.

But some of the best-rated burgers are not necessarily the best burger.

The Burger King crown goes to the Burger King burgers, according the organization, because they’re not only the best, they’re also the most popular burger chain in the entire country.

(You can read more about Burger King in our “Top 20 Best Burgers” article.)

We’ve put together a list of the top burgers, to show how popular each burger is in your area.

In this ranking, the top burger is also the best.

Here are the top 10 burgers in each state.

Top 10 Burgers, by state (not including chain) Burger King 1.

Burger Royale 1.2% 2.

Shake Shack 1.4% 3.

Jimmy Johns 1.6% 4.

The Honest Burger 1.7% 5.

Panera Bread 1.8% 6.

Red Lobster 1.9% 7.

Burger Burger 1 1.10% 8.

Burger Burgers 1.12% 9.

Shake-It Burger 1 2.15% 10.

KFC 1.16% Top 10 burgers, by size Burger King (Photo by: Bloomberg)A burger at Burger King.

(Courtesy: Burger King)The most popular burgers in California are also the top-rated in the nation.

In fact, the average rating for a burger at a burger chain is 4.4 out of 5 stars, according for the National Burger Foundation.

The top 10 in California, according there is.

Burger kings best burger in California is the Burger Royale burger, with an average rating of 4.5 stars.

Burger burgers in most states have average ratings of 3.9 stars, and average ratings for the top three burgers in those states is 4 stars.

(We ranked all of the chains on our list.)

The other top burger chains in the states are The Honest, KFC, Panera, Burger Burger, Shake Shack and Red Lobsters.

Burgerking has the best hamburger chains in California in terms of sales.

The company also owns and owns all four chains, and also has two other franchises in the state, according.

Top burgers in every state are the Top 20.

BurgerKings Top 20 burgers (Photo courtesy: BurgerKing)Here’s how the top 40 states stack up for Burger King hamburgs.

Top 40 burgers, based on average rating, in each of the 40 states Burger King Burgers in each State Total of burgers 1.

Shake & Sandwiches 2.

Kmart 3.

KMart 1.

Kwik-E-Mart 4.

Panerai 5.

Red Rooster 6.

McDonalds 7.

Panini 8.

Taco Bell 9.

Wendy’s 10.

PanteraThe Top 20 hamburg in each states state.

(Source: National Burger Magazine)We have an article coming soon that breaks down the best and worst burgers in a lot of the states.