What to know about a new Burger King burger that is reportedly banned in Mexico

A Burger King in Mexico is under fire after it was spotted selling burgers that are considered illegal in the country.

The burger chain, which has been in the news before, reportedly made headlines when it was revealed that it was offering burgers with the words “illegal” and “illegal burger” on them.

The burgers, which were made from pork, chicken and beef, were made with a secret sauce that was banned by the Mexican government.

According to TMZ, the burgers are “unavailable in Mexico” and were made using the secret sauce.

The hamburgers are reportedly being sold in supermarkets across Mexico.

However, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut are reportedly selling them.

Mexican news outlet El Universal reported that a Burger King spokesperson told the outlet that they had a few items in stock in Mexico, but were not ready to announce them at this time.

The spokesperson told TMZ that they were “aware of some rumors and have a few options that could help us reach out to customers who want them.”

It’s unclear if these burgers will be sold in the U.S. or not.