Burger Patch,Point Burga Phone Cases Now Available, Now Available in New Color!

NEW YORK — (CBSNewYork) — It’s no secret that the Burger Patch is the most popular and recognizable restaurant in the city.

But for the past year, the restaurant has been undergoing a significant change, as its owners and owners of the Point Burga phone case business announced they are expanding their business and opening a new location.

“I’m so excited about that, it’s just like when I opened my first Burger Patch,” owner Kevin Sorensen said.

Sorensens newest burger joint will feature a more upscale interior, including a full bar and lounge, a custom kitchen, a wine bar and bar tables.

It will also feature a new menu featuring a burger, a burger patty, a bun and fries, among other items.

The new location will also be available in more than 150 stores nationwide, including at Burger Patch locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

Sorrento, the owner of the Burger and Point Burger bars, announced he has been looking for a new Burger Patch location.

He has had the chance to talk to other owners and restaurateurs and is excited about expanding to the new location, he said.

“It’s such a great community, it really is,” Sorenesen said of the community that has been supporting the burger patch since it opened in 2006.

Sornova said he hopes to open another Burger Patch restaurant in New York City.