Burger King’s ‘super burger’ takes burger king to new heights

Burger King has introduced a burger king-inspired burger that will take your burger to a new level.

The burger, dubbed the Super Burger, is made from the company’s newest burger, which debuted earlier this month, and is named after the chain’s new franchise.

The Super Burger will come in three flavors: The Super Double (sliced) with a sweet potato bun, caramelized onions, and crispy bacon; The Super Triple (slimmed); and The Super Sliced (a burger with a crispy bacon center).

The Super burger is expected to launch in August.

(You can pre-order the burger here.)

A similar burger is also in the works, dubbed The Super Creme Burger, which is supposed to be more akin to the Super Double, but will be made from a higher-protein, higher-fiber blend.

The new burger will also have the company sipping the brandy of a former Burger King CEO and the flavor of a local New York chef.

It’s currently being tested at locations around the country, with Burger King currently testing in Austin, Texas, and Austin, California.

A spokesperson for Burger King said the company is testing the burger “out of the blue,” and will have more information available later this year.

Burger King is also expected to make a burger-based shake in the coming months.