How to eat the best burger at Burger King in Seattle

It’s hard to argue that Burger King is anything other than the king of fast food in the US, but that’s not always the case.

The chain has been on a tear over the past year, but its latest moves to expand in the region have put it on the fast track to become one of the biggest chains in the country.

Burger King, the third-largest fast food chain in the world, has been in Seattle since 1989.

The Seattle-based chain now has more than 3,000 locations, and they’re spread throughout the Puget Sound region.

The newest of the chain’s new locations is located in the University District in the heart of downtown Seattle.

Burberks newest location, on Broadway at the University of Washington, has received a makeover with an all-new exterior.

The exterior features a more modern look, with an expanded menu of more than 40 burgers and several other options.

The new Burger King Seattle location has opened this week and will have a grand opening in the coming weeks.

It’s currently open only to students and employees, but the chain plans to open a few more locations in the area.

Burke’s, the fifth-largest burger chain in America, opened its first Seattle location back in January.

It was the first new burger chain to open in the city in more than three decades, and the chain is quickly gaining a following.

The newly renovated restaurant has more of a college vibe than the traditional college vibe, and it also has more modern amenities.

The restaurant is located at the corner of Broadway and Pike Place Market.

Burkes newest location is located near the University Union and has a similar look to the new Burger Kings.

The menu is a mix of college and fast food, with some burgers and fries on the menu, and other items such as hot dogs and salads.

Burk’s has expanded in recent years, and there are currently more than 7,600 restaurants in the United States.

The company has a strong presence in the Southeast and is also expanding in California.

Burge’s first Seattle store opened in 2011 and has expanded to include new locations in Seattle and Portland.

There are now more than 4,400 locations in Washington and Oregon, according to Burger King.

Burlington, Vermont-based Burger King opened its newest location in Seattle in 2015, and its first restaurant in the metro area opened in 2017.

The brand is growing quickly in the Seattle area and will open a second location in the future.