Ashley Burgos on her restaurant’s new burger and the importance of diversity

Ashley Burgas is one of the most popular chefs in town.

She’s been open for a decade, and is one half of a new restaurant called The Point, which opened in September in the heart of the city.

She describes her work as a “very organic approach” and a place where people are “allowed to express themselves and their passions”.

But she also wants to bring some of her own experiences to the table.

“I think my focus has always been on serving up food that’s very local, and it’s about doing something different,” she says.

The point burger is a burger with the meat removed. “

The point burger, which is the other burger, is a little bit more of a meaty burger, and the burger at the end of the day, it’s a burger that has a lot more vegetables than it has meat.”

The point burger is a burger with the meat removed.

Ashley Burgases The Point at night The Point restaurant opened in the centre of Sydney’s CBD in September, and has now been open since January.

The burger, however, has a different look.

It’s more like a classic burger that doesn’t need as much processing.

Ashley says the point burger “has a lot less meat” than her original burger, but adds that “it’s a different type of burger”.

She says she tries to avoid processed meat when possible, and to serve “food that has been on my plate for years”.

The Point is a “little bit more organic approach”.

Ashley Burgoses Point burger.

Source: Al Jazeera News/Al Jazeera Australia “It’s a little different than the traditional burger that’s out there.”

The burger at The Point.

Source : Al Jazeera Images Ashley says she wants to serve people food that “has been on me for years” and is “a little bit different” than what you might find at a burger joint.

“It has more vegetables, and a little more fibre and a lot better quality.”

She’s also trying to push for a “better balance” of meat and vegetables in her burgers.

“We want the meat to be a bit more complex, but also the vegetables to be more nutritious and the protein to be good,” she said.

“And to do that, we need to balance the flavours.”

The menu for The Point burger menu.

Source  Ashley Burgas said she likes to try different things.

The menu has been “changed a little” to “try and be more local”.

 The point hamburger at The End of the Street, in Sydney’s south-east.

The restaurant’s burgers have been a hit with patrons.

The Point Burger and The Point Bar, located in the former The End in the CBD, are both owned by Ashley.

“There are a lot, a lot fewer places out there with the same vibe and the same approach, and so we wanted to do something new and different,” Ashley said.

The burgers are cooked on-site in a wood-fired oven, which she said “seems a bit odd”.

“I’ve never really cooked in a meat grinder, but the idea of using the wood to cook it is very natural and I’m glad I’m able to do it.”

The Point and The End burgers are both vegetarian.

Ashley says her “curve” of burgers “is to try and get the flavour, the texture, the depth of flavour to the meat.”

The Point Burger, at the front of The Point Restaurant.

The points meat and the toppings.

Source Al Jazeera Source Ashly Burgas has been cooking burgers for years.

“There’s a reason why so many people love them,” she explained.

“They’re really good burgers.

The meat is good, and you’re getting a lot at the same time.”

The meat at The point Burger.

Source Ashley Burgasses The Point in action.

In her first day at the restaurant, she had to change a few things because the burger was “too big”, but she says she’s now “happy with the way it’s going”.

“You can have it with just any type of meat, it doesn.

I mean, you can have a burger on the side of your house, and then you can take it to work, and there’s just no need to add a burger.

It’s good to see the different flavours coming together,” she added.

“This is the kind of restaurant that’s going to be around for a long time.”

Ashley Burgares Point burger at work.

Source The Point bar.

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