Burger King says it will stop using milk in all its burgers

Burger King will stop serving milk in its burgers.

The Milwaukee burger chain said the decision comes after “the overwhelming response from our customers, who have shared their concerns”.

Milwaukee’s mayor, Tom Barrett, has called on the chain to drop milk from its burgers, which are sold in more than 30 states.

Milk is a vital ingredient for a number of foods, including cheeses, sauces, sauces and marinades.

Barrett told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that “milk is an important ingredient in a lot of things”.

“Milk does make you fat, it does make it feel better,” he said.

“It’s a chemical compound that helps to prevent rancidity and helps to soften the cheese.”

Milk has been a mainstay in the diet of many of the country’s leading food companies.

Earlier this year, McDonald’s and Burger King both said they would stop using it.

The chain’s statement said the company’s milk supply was already “disturbed by the widespread consumption of soy products” and that “we have made a commitment to reduce soy consumption in our restaurants”.

“Our commitment extends to the milk supply in our franchises and is a strong indication of our commitment to our customers,” it added.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said the chain’s decision to stop serving the milk in their burgers was “an important step in helping to solve the issue of soy in our local communities”.

A spokesman for the American Dairy Council said the group’s support of the milk industry was “a long-standing tradition”.

“The Dairy Council is working with restaurants to improve the quality of milk in the supply chain, while ensuring that consumers are fully aware of the importance of quality and value in their dairy product,” the spokesman said.

“In our view, the dairy industry should be leading the way in providing milk and other milk products to our communities.”

The dairy industry’s largest trade group, the National Milk Producers Federation, said it was “disappointed” by the decision, but that it “believes the chain will continue to provide good quality milk to our community”.

“We remain committed to working with local authorities to provide the best quality milk available for our communities, and the milk of our local cows, to the community and to our consumers,” the federation said in a statement.