How Jimmy’s burger made it to the top of the menu

Jimmy’s Burger, the burger chain that once sold you a Big Mac with a fried egg on it and a burger topped with a chicken breast, is back on the menu, at least for a few more weeks.

In a press release Monday, the chain said it has “added Jimmy’s burgers to its menu of seasonal burgers, including the original, Classic Beefburger, Classic Ribeye, Ribeye Beef, Rib Eye, Rib Meatball, Rib Stripe, Rib Sandwich, Rib Sticks, Rib Sliders, Rib Wings and Rib Steak.”

The release also notes that the chain’s “classic burger” is also now available in “new seasonal flavors,” including:Bubblegum Burger, Chicken and Fries Burger, Beefy Ribeye and Ribeye Ribeye Burger, BBQ Ribeye Steak, Hot and Sour Ribeye burger, Rib Steaks, Rib-eye Steaks burger, Sausage Burger, Ribs in a Bun, and Ribs on a Stick.

And there are now four other Jimmy’s locations in the United States, including a California location that opened on Monday.

The chain says the burger was created by Jimmy Smith, the co-creator of the iconic sandwich chain.

The burger was introduced in 1968, but it was only in 2010 that Jimmy’s changed the name to Jimmy’s.