Burger King says it will close 2 more locations in South Carolina

BURGER KING’S 2nd Burger King location in the state of South Carolina will close in the coming weeks, it said Wednesday, and the company is closing the remaining 2 locations.

Burger King said in a statement to CNN that it has not yet determined the cause of the closure and it is cooperating with state officials.

“We are working to determine the cause and will continue to monitor this situation to ensure our customers are treated with respect,” the statement said.

“We will also be updating our website and social media to make the community aware of the changes we are making.”

South Carolina Gov.

Nikki Haley said earlier this week that she expects Burger King to close two of the 2 locations in the Tar Heel state.

Haley’s comments followed a backlash from the Black Lives Matter movement, who called for the company to shutter its restaurant.

The company said the closures are a result of a lack of state permits and “ongoing investigations.”