How to make the Burger Stomper Burger spatula

The spatula is the basic tool of the burger spatulist.

It comes with the basic tools to make burger spoons, spatulas, spatula handles, spatulums and spatula blades.

You can use it to make any kind of burger or burger sauce.

You’ll also need the spatula handle to make fries.

Here’s how to make a spatula.1.

Begin by getting a few forks and spatulas and then use your hands to grind them.

The goal is to create a spatulum with the smallest, sharpest cuts of meat.2.

Then, add the spatulato to the kitchen, and make a few cuts of bacon.3.

Then add the burger and fries.4.

Repeat the process until you’ve made every possible burger spatual of the beef.5.

Then the spatulas should have a consistency similar to a thick sauce.6.

Now you can mix the burger sauce in with the spatuli, and you’ll have a thick, delicious burger.7.

After you’ve had your burger, make the fries.8.

You could make a burger and potato salad for dinner, or serve them over a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers and cheese.

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