“I hope they do not find out that I have a gun.” – Liberty Burger Den owner

In response to a recent article by the Daily Caller that highlighted Liberty Burger’s “secret gun,” the restaurant owner said in a video that he’s had “a few” guns and has “never had one in the business,” but did not provide any evidence to back up his claims.

The video, which was uploaded to Liberty Burger today, is a reaction to the article and offers a clear rebuttal to its claims.

In the video, the restaurant’s owner and his wife say they “never saw” a gun at Liberty Burger, but rather the “freedom burger” at the restaurant.

“I think the freedom burger is a joke,” the owner said, referring to the burger that was featured in the Daily Beast article.

“We never had any gun.

If I had, I would never have been at the store.””

I am not saying I don’t have a guns, I do have a pistol,” he continued, before claiming that the restaurant was “very conservative” in its stance on guns.

“And we do have the gun in our restaurant, and we are very conservative about guns.”

When asked if the restaurant would have a “no-fly zone” around its building, the owner responded, “No, we wouldn’t have any no-fly zones,” to the Daily Post article.

He added, “I never even had a gun in my restaurant.

I just had a freedom burger.

I had a free burger, a hamburger.

That is not my weapon.”

When pressed on whether he had a permit to carry a gun, he said, “Not to my knowledge, no, we are not a gun store, I’m not a police officer.”

When The Daily Caller asked for an interview with the owner, he didn’t immediately respond.

When asked about the NRA’s criticism of the restaurant, the manager, who is black, told The Daily Beast, “The NRA is the gun lobby and the NRA is not our client.

We are a gun shop.”

When reached for comment by IGN, a representative for the NRA told the outlet, “We do not comment on the business of others.”