Which burger is the best?

On the face of it, a burger that’s been grilled and smoked might not look too appealing.

But as a burger fanatic, you may find yourself coming across a few different burgers on a regular basis.

In fact, the burger world has changed so much over the past few years that the taste of each burger has changed too.

Some burgers are great, some are not.

Here’s our guide to the best burgers in the world.1.

Mushroom burger – The mushroom burger is a popular item on the menu of many burger chains.

The mushroom is a mushroom and is cooked in a slow cooker, and is then grilled and sautéed on a spit.

The mushrooms have a sweet, spicy taste and are often topped with a smoky mustard dressing.2.

Black Bean burger – This is a staple of the burger scene.

It’s the most popular item at restaurants that cater to fast food restaurants, and also at burger chains that cater exclusively to fast-food restaurants.

A black bean is ground up and then roasted until it’s a golden brown and crispy.

The burgers are usually topped with lettuce, tomato and cheese, but some chains have started offering their own sauces and toppings.3.

Blackened Chicken burger – A popular item of the American burger world.

The chicken is fried and then grilled until golden brown.

The beef is then tossed in a hot oil sauce before being grilled to crisp and golden brown before being placed on a bun.4.

Black Angus burger – These burgers are popular at burger restaurants in Australia and New Zealand.

They’re made with Angus beef, but with a few tweaks.

The meat is grilled in a charcoal grill until it is golden brown, then the burger is grilled again until golden and crispy, before being served on a griddle.5.

Blue Cheese burger – An iconic American burger, this burger is also a popular American item.

The cheese is grilled, and then it’s served on top of lettuce, tomatoes and a spicy mustard dressing before being baked.6.

BBQ Chicken burger- This burger is often served at fast-casual restaurants.

It is made with chicken, and the meat is cooked on a grill until golden, then it is grilled to crispy and golden, before it’s placed on top a bun, topped with fries and served with coleslaw.7.

Sweet potato burger – Not all burgers are created equal.

This one is a simple one-pot burger that uses a sweet potato to cook up the burger.

The sweet potato is sliced and then placed on the grill, and grilled until it becomes a golden yellow.

It then is served with lettuce and tomato on a toasted bun, and topped with pickles.8.

Fried chicken burger- A popular American burger item, this one is made by frying a whole chicken and then adding a lot of oil and butter to the pan, so it cooks in a frying pan until golden.

It serves on a roll and topped by lettuce, red onions and pickles before being eaten on a plate.9.

Chili burger- Another popular American food item, a chili is made from chili peppers and is often grilled until crispy.

It has the most grilled parts, and it’s then served with a lettuce, diced tomato and coleskool dressing before it is placed on toasted bread.10.

Bacon burger- Bacon is a great meat, and its cooked at low heat, so its served on to toast bread before it goes on a burger roll.

It also has a good amount of grilled parts and a crispy, golden brown exterior.

It can be fried on a hot grill until crispy and then served on grilled bun, top with lettuce.11.

Beef patty – This one’s a classic American burger recipe.

The burger is made up of beef, onion, lettuce, cheddar cheese, and a fried egg.

It takes two hours to cook and it is served on toast bread with lettuce in between the bread and lettuce.

It garnishes with a fried tomato and a pickle.12.

Chicken sandwich – A sandwich that is served as an appetizer to a burger, usually at a fast food restaurant, this is a chicken sandwich that has a fried chicken patty and lettuce on it.

It will also have a side of fries.13.

BBQ chicken burger – It’s a grilled chicken, which is then placed in a black pepper oil and grilled to a golden golden brown until crispy, then grilled again to crisp, golden and crisp.14.

Beef burger with BBQ sauce – This burger has the meat cooked in black pepper, onion and BBQ sauce, and served on white bread with a side dish of fries and a side salad.15.

Red meat burger – Another popular burger item in Australia, this may be a classic Australian burger item.

It may be made up from ground beef, bacon and sausage.

It starts with ground beef and a tomato, and adds lettuce and diced tomatoes before being topped with cheese, pickles and a sauce.16. Chicken