How to make a hot chocolate using only 2 ingredients

When I was growing up in rural Louisiana, we had hot chocolate made in a traditional, two-pot-style chocolate maker.

We had a big tub of chocolate and it was always heated with a wooden fire and heated to a boiling point.

It was not something I could just go to the store to buy because we had so little.

So when my friend Sarah and I moved to the small town of New Orleans a couple years ago, we decided to make our own.

We got some ingredients from our friends at the local farmers market, and we just decided to start making our own chocolate from scratch.

I’ve made some of the best hot chocolate recipes in the world, but none of them have ever made it into the restaurant menu.

I decided that it would be much easier and much tastier to just make a batch of the chocolate that we were going to use in the restaurant, then put that into a tin of cocoa powder, and use the tin to make the rest of our chocolate.

We’ve never tried the hot chocolate in a restaurant before, and it really was not a big deal.

But for the most part, people don’t know that chocolate is actually made with cocoa beans and cocoa butter.

There’s a lot of different recipes that people use to make hot chocolate that are all based on the same principle.

You add cocoa butter to cocoa powder and it makes the cocoa butter melt into the cocoa beans, and the cocoa cream is added, and that’s how the hot cocoa is made.

The only difference is that we used cocoa butter instead of cocoa beans to make it, and I think that’s why it tastes so different.

So this year, I decided to add a little extra spice to our hot chocolate, and decided to use a little more cocoa butter, because it’s not just cocoa butter that melts into the chocolate, it’s cocoa butter with cocoa butter in it.

The cocoa butter adds a little bit of complexity to the flavor, but the cocoa is still there.

If you’re not into hot chocolate right now, I really recommend trying this recipe.

It is really, really good.

The recipe is based on one that I wrote in 2010 for a cookbook that I did with Sarah, called Chocolate, which I wrote to tell my mother that she should read it to see if she can make chocolate like me.

It’s a wonderful cookbook, and Sarah did a really good job of getting me to the next level.

I think I was able to make chocolate in 2011, but I never made it to that level.

If it’s the perfect hot chocolate recipe for you, I would suggest giving it a try.

If not, I have a recipe for your next hot chocolate craving.

You can find Sarah’s recipe here.