The burger at The Wagyu Burger Lounge is a winner

The Wagyys burger is a hot item on menus at restaurants across the country, and now, a new one is joining the list.

A new burger, dubbed The Waggy, was named the Best of Burger Week at The Chicago Burger Joint.

The burger was created with Wagyu beef, but it was also made with ingredients sourced from New York City’s West Side Bistro and L’Enfant Plaza.

The burgers have a light, crispy crust, and are filled with Waggy’s signature wagyu beef patty.

“The Waggy is a real testament to the quality of Wagyu meat, and I’m glad to see it being used in burgers,” said Lizzie Nachman, chief executive officer at The West Side, a burger chain with locations in Chicago, Washington D.C., New York, Philadelphia, and Boston.

“It’s a great product that’s going to have people coming back for more,” she said.

“Waggy is the first of its kind that has been imported to America, and the company is committed to making sure that customers get what they pay for,” said J. Gordon Lippman, president and CEO of The Westside.

The new Waggy burger was the first product to win Best of Burgers at The Burger Joint, according to a spokesperson for The West and Westside Restaurants.

“We are very pleased that the Waggy was chosen as a winner of the burger week at The South Side,” said Jennifer O’Hara, executive vice president of marketing for The South, the parent company of The South and The West.

The Wagyu burger has been named one of the best burgers in America.