Bobby’s Burger Palace opens in Houston, Texas

Bobby’s, the Austin-based burger chain that has been in Texas for decades, has opened a new Texas outpost in Houston.

The chain’s first restaurant in Texas will open later this month in the historic former Bobby’s Ballroom, which has long served as a popular place for the chain to hold its annual summer barbecue.

Bobby’s is hoping the move will help to lure back some of its fans who have moved away, as well as those who have relocated to other states, said Mike DeLuca, the company’s president and CEO.

“We feel good about where we are in Texas, with the barbecue and the local food, and we’re looking forward to welcoming new fans to our family,” DeLucas said.

The Bobby’s expansion will include three new locations: in San Antonio, Austin and San Marcos, according to a statement.

The company is leasing space in the Ballroom and a building in the downtown core.

In addition to expanding its Texas footprint, Bobby’s is also expanding its international footprint.

Last year, the chain signed a deal to open a restaurant in Dubai and a hotel in Mexico City.

For its first Texas location, Bobby is adding the Bicentennial Burger in downtown Houston, DeLucus said.

The restaurant will open on Saturday, August 1.

A restaurant in Dallas will open this fall.

After a decade of being an Austin-area staple, Bobby will expand to the Texas capital, De Luca said.

Bicentenary Burger, which Bobby opened in 2014, has become a signature restaurant for the Austin burger chain, which is owned by the same group as Bobby.

The popular Bicentennials also include burgers such as the Famous Burger and the Original Bicentenarian.

It will be Bobby’s third expansion in Texas.

The Austin location, which was built in 2013, opened in December.

Bobby’s will also expand its national footprint with a restaurant opening in Los Angeles later this year.

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