Bison burger is worth $6.7B at New York’s Best Burger Joint, but it’s still the same size

The bison is worth more than a thousand dollars at New Yorkers Best Burger, but the size of the burger is still the exact same size as before the bison was added to the menu in 2016.

The restaurant at 1629 West Broadway in New York City, the world’s oldest continuously operating restaurant, has a new owner with plans to open an entirely new restaurant in 2017, and will feature more than 100 burgers and more than 500 types of burgers.

The new owner is looking to open a new burger restaurant in the city that is currently the home of the New York Times, the Times Square Times Square Burger and a number of other popular eateries.

The restaurant at 1525 West Broadway was closed in 2018 after it was hit by a fire.

According to a restaurant source, the new owner wants to open the restaurant with the same concept as the original.

“We want to change the concept and not reinvent the wheel.

We want to take the old concept, but with the new concept,” the source told The Daily Beast.

The source said that the new owners plan to serve up the same burgers and burgers with the bisons.

“There are so many things we want to do with the concept, we don’t want to get too specific,” the restaurant source said.

“We just want to be different.

The new concept will be a bison bison, with a grill.

That’s the only thing that we’re going to do.

We will take a traditional burger and put a grilled cheese, and a bacon burger and a griddle, but a bazillion different combinations.

Thats the plan.”

The restaurant source also told TheDCNF that the current owners are committed to the bazillions of different combinations that will be on offer at the new restaurant.

“I can tell you, theyre very passionate about it.

Theyre very committed to this,” the New Yorker source said of the restaurant.

“Theyre very invested in the concept.

The food will be fantastic.”

The new owners of the chain, which has a history of opening restaurants in different cities and countries, are currently looking to take on the New England location of the popular burger chain, and are currently considering relocating the location to Boston.