Why Cody’s burger temp wasn’t rated on Food Network

Lizzie Borden and Cody Keys are the stars of a new cooking competition that pits a team of five food writers against each other in a competition to find the best burger.

The judges are named the Cody Keys Team and are made up of Liz Kreutz, Alexi Vargas, Michaela Tannenbaum, Jessica Mccarthy, and Mikey Del Rio.

Each of the five is given a burger from each of the competition’s finalists.

The team is then paired with a new contestant from the previous week’s judges.

The new duo is then tasked with preparing a burger for the judges.

Judges select the winner from the group of five burgers, which then must be packaged, packaged, and delivered to Lizzies burger temp location.

The burger will be judged by Lizzys staff and will be rated on a scale from 1 to 5 stars.

Lizzis burger temp is located in Chicago, Illinois and is a two-hour drive from Chicago, the Chicago Cubs and the United States Capitol.

Check out Lizzy’s first burger in person: