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Burger King is now offering a Zombie Burger with a zombie burger emoji in the United Kingdom.

This Burger Burger, which comes in two flavours, Zombie and Zombie Burger, comes in three flavours: Zombie, Zombie Burger and Zombie Deluxe.

The Zombie Burger comes with a “Zombie” emoji, and it also comes in a new, different-colored, and slightly darker version.

The burger is also made with the Zombie brand, which means that you’ll be able to buy it with your burger.

It is available to buy now from Burger King’s UK store.

The two other new Burger Burger flavours are Zombie and the Zombie Deluxe, which is just like the Zombie Burger but with a new black color.

There are currently four Zombie Burger variants, each one with two different types of burgers.

Burger King has also created a special zombie themed burger, which will be available in limited quantities in the UK, and the United States.

The Zombies Burger is made with a vegan and gluten-free burger base, and is only available for the first time in the US.