Which are the most famous burgers in the world?

A new study shows that a burger with a hamburger bun has an edge in popularity.

The authors of the study from the US think it is because people are less likely to miss it.

The study was carried out by the US company burger city hours, which provides burgers for over 40 restaurants in the US.

The researchers analysed 1,000 of the country’s top 100 burgers.

They found that the top burger was the super burger.

Burger King’s super burger is the most popular burger in the country.

The super burger was found to be more popular in America than burgers in other countries, and that’s in part because Americans eat burgers with a lot of bun.

This has been shown to be true in the past.

Burger king’s super burgers are also more expensive.

The average cost of a burger at Burger King is $3.90.

Burger City hours found that burgers at the world’s biggest burger chain cost $2.89 at the supermarket chain.

The price of the cheapest burger at the top chain is $2 and the cheapest in the supermarket is $1.50.

Burger city hours found the top-selling burgers were the super burgers.

These included the famous Big Mac, a burger from McDonald’s, and the Fatburger, a beef patty with fries.

The Super Burger is more popular with Americans, but that’s largely because it’s cheaper, and people like it because they’re more likely to know what they’re eating.

The new findings suggest that a super burger might be a little too expensive, because people might think they have to wait in line.

This is likely to change as the food industry improves.

“We found that people in general have a better sense of when they should get a burger,” says Dr Jennifer Kornman, an associate professor at the University of California, Davis, and lead author of the paper.

“This is a good example of how consumers can be influenced by food prices.

If we can predict prices in advance, then we can influence people’s behavior.”

It is possible that people who have the best sense of taste, and also the least sense of how expensive a burger is, may buy a burger they know will be more expensive than it is.

The research is published in the journal Appetite.

It also comes just weeks after a McDonald’s burger was criticised for costing $2, while the chain was under fire for its burger prices.