KFC’s Burger King ‘KFC Burger’ is a veggie burger and chicken burger recipe

KFC is preparing to launch its new burger, “KFC burger”, with an omg Burger theme.

The burger is to be released in October.

KFC’s burger is described as a “veggie hamburger”, with chicken, cheese, bacon, onions and lettuce, but is also designed to be a vegan-friendly option.

The omg is a vegetarian burger that is intended to be served on its own or in a sandwich.

The name omg stands for “omg burger”, which is a reference to the McDonald’s burger chain.KFC said the omg will be available as an appetiser for “regular, full-size” and “special order” customers, and will be priced at $2.99 for the “full-size burger”.

The “KF” Burger will have an “Omg Burger” theme, with a chicken patty, fries, lettuce, tomato and onion, and cheese.

The omg version will also have a chicken breast, bacon and onion bun.KF Burger is designed to appeal to “full size, standard and small-medium” consumers, and is expected to have a similar price tag to the original.

The KFC Omg Burger is expected in October for US and Canadian customers.