Which restaurant burger should you order?

Milwaukee is getting a burger that’s as popular in France as it is here, but one of its best burger spots is getting another one in its sights.

A new burger joint has opened up in the neighborhood of East Grand Crossing, just east of Milwaukee.

The Milwaukie Burger Joint is the first in a line of burgers that includes the popular Chicago burger, the Rock Burger and the Milwaukee burger, according to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The chain has about 20 locations in Wisconsin, but the Milwamys are the only ones in the state with a location in Milwaukee, which is the capital city of Wisconsin.

One of the first burgers to open in Milwaukee was the Rock burger, a Chicago-style burger with cheese and pickles, according the Milwaukee Journal.

The Rock Burger, which was served at a burger joint called the Rock, is one of the best burgers in the country.

Milwaukee’s Burger King opened in Milwaukee in 2016, and is now owned by Chicago-based WBEZ.

The new burger is just one of several to open up in Milwaukee’s historic neighborhood.

Earlier this month, Burger King was sued by a homeowner who claimed that the restaurant violated a zoning ordinance by having more than one location in the same building.