India’s ‘impossible Burger’ burger, which can eat just 3 calories per burger, has been the subject of an internet sensation

DURR, Iowa — A new “impossible” burger has made its way onto the American menu.

The burger is described by the Guinness Book of World Records as “a burger that can take just three calories per meal.”

The burger, dubbed the “beef” and created by a team at a local diner, has attracted attention from food bloggers and the Guinness book of world records.

But the burger’s creator, a young woman named Francesburg Burgos, said it’s a far cry from the “cheap” burgers that have been popping up in other countries.

“It’s not the cheapest burger, it’s not even the cheapest.

I don’t think anyone would want to eat that.

But it’s still a cheap burger,” Burgos said.

The burger is the product of a collaborative effort between the University of Iowa and the burger house, Beyond Burger.

The pair is working to raise $1.5 million for the food startup and its $50,000 in seed funding.

The Impossible Burger was developed by Burgos and two students at the University’s College of Culinary Arts.

The university says the burger can be purchased for as little as $1 a meal at any of the many restaurants across the United States and Canada.

Burgos and her team had already been working on a more affordable version of the burger.

The Impossible Burger uses a special coating, which is supposed to be cheaper than regular patty rubs.

The coating allows the burger to absorb more liquid and is the first time a burger has been marketed as “impossibly cheap.”

The Impossible burger is so affordable, Burgos says she hopes it will become an instant classic.

“If this goes viral, it could be like the fad of the century,” Burgers said.

But she worries about the burger becoming a “fad of convenience.”

Burgos doesn’t know how many people will actually try it.

“It will be a bit of a challenge to get enough people to try it, and that’s the beauty of it,” she said.

Branching outBeyond Burger, which operates a small, independent business, raised $25,000 for the startup.

It’s still early days in the venture, which Burgos describes as a “cool startup” that will soon be launching a national franchise.

The company is planning a launch in mid-October.

The company is also offering a free online trial of the Impossible Burger to anyone who wants to try out the food.

The online trial ends on October 24, 2018, and Burgos hopes to sell the Impossible burger at the same time.

“I really don’t have a plan,” she explained.

“But I know that people are going to try the Impossible.”

For Burgos there’s no question the Impossible will be more popular than the burgers at restaurants in other parts of the country.

She also hopes the Impossible can become an inspiration for other young people to go to college.

“We’re kind of in a bubble right now, we’re not quite there yet,” Burgies said.

“So maybe people are interested in going to college, and maybe they can go out to the Impossible to try to find out how the burger works.”

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