When will the first air fryers open?

The world’s first air-fryer burger will open in the United Kingdom next year, a UK company announced on Tuesday.

Air fryers are a technology that allows a person to eat food that is heated by electricity generated from the air, in the hope of frying it in seconds, before it can be served to the customer.

They are a relatively new concept in the world of food and have been around for a while, but they’ve only recently taken off in the U.K.A. Air-frying has long been a way for people to enjoy a meal without spending a fortune on expensive ingredients, and the concept was already gaining popularity in the country in 2014, when a McDonald’s restaurant in Edinburgh opened a air-fried burger.

The UK’s first Air-Fried Burger, which will be open in London on June 18, will feature air-dried beef and chicken and will cost £6.99, according to the Daily Mail.

Its first customers will also be those who have been waiting for air-flipped burgers to open in their country.

The Burger King Air-Tender burger will be available in the UK, and its price will be £4.49.

The company said it was also planning to open a pilot in Singapore in 2019.

The burger, which has been in development for a few years, was first spotted in the Philippines and China, where it was recently tested in the city of Pingtung, which was named the world’s fastest growing city in 2017.

The new burger will feature the air-tender bun that helps the bun dry before being wrapped in a bun.