Burger Motorsports team wins Superbowl title with Veggie Burger

Burger Motorsport has won Superbowl 50, beating the Atlanta Falcons by a score of 35-7.

The victory capped off a thrilling season in which Burger had the team in the Super Bowl’s top four.

The team, which won Super Bowl 50 by beating the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys in five quarters, has had some ups and downs this year.

Burger won Superbowl 50 by just under four touchdowns.

But this is Burger Motors, a team that won the Superbowl by just six points in 2015.

The Burger team has been on a roll.

The Super Bowl 49 victory, a 16-point win over the Carolina Panthers, was the team’s biggest win in Super Bowl history.

The Burger team is expected to return to the Superdome for Super Bowl 51 in New Orleans, where it is set to face the San Francisco 49ers, which also won SuperBowl 50.

Burger is expected at least to win the Superbounds and be in the top four for the second consecutive year.