Which burgers are the best for you?

Burger King has announced it will be closing its burger and fries business in the UK.

Burger King UK said on Tuesday that it would be shutting down the UK’s burger and takeaway business by the end of the year, citing the “costs associated with the transition”.

The chain will be selling its burgers in Japan, Canada and the United States, and will sell its fries in the same locations.

The closure will not impact the UK market, the company said. 

Burger King announced in October that it was selling its burger business to French chain L’Oréal, which will take over Burger King as its largest burger franchise.

L’Oreal is expected to close its burgers and fries operations in the United Kingdom in the coming months.

The move comes after Burger King reported that sales were up 7.3 per cent in the quarter ended March 31.

Burger Kings burgers have become a staple of British dining and have gained popularity among a generation of parents.

In its latest quarterly report, Burger King said it had a loss of £2.2bn in the year to March 31, down from £2bn the year before. 

The company said it expected its full-year net income to be in the region of £8.4bn.