Hopdoddy Burger Bar’s ‘Burger Express’ will reopen this fall

Hopdoky’s new “Burger” Express burger is the latest venture by the burger chain to open in 2017.

The burger joint was shuttered in 2016 and its owners are now trying to reopen the location, located at 1003 East Madison Street, but that plan has stalled due to its location in an industrial zone, according to a report by Fox 5 Chicago.

Hopdoddy has also opened a “Burgerette” burger joint at 1010 South Michigan Avenue, but this was also not profitable.

Hopdicky also recently opened its first pop-up bar, “Pizza & Pasta,” on a vacant lot in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Hop-Doddy Burger and Pizza & Pastaburger are not the only new ventures Hopdolly is putting its money behind.

Hopdog and Barcade will open a new bar on Thursday, May 17, and Hopdog Burger is also working on a pop-ups restaurant.

Hop Dog has also expanded its pop-down and drive-thru business in Chicago, opening new locations in the Loop and West Loop.

The burger chain’s burger empire has also enjoyed significant success with a variety of items, including a line of hot dogs and an ever-popular hot dogs topped with a chicken nugget.